Press release by the jurawelt GbR regarding the start of the Web Site on 1 September 2000
The domain www.jurawelt.com, a new legal Web Site, is available since 1 September 2000. This Site is operated by the jurawelt society of civil law (GbR), to which nine partners belong. The jurawelt GbR consists of law interns, law students, scientific co-workers and Internet specialists in Germany.

The Web Site of the jurawelt GbR provides high quality content and addresses a broad public. Primary target groups for jurawelt are German law interns, attorneys, other (not only legal) professions, and, last but not least, law students. For each group of addressees, mailing lists and discussion forums are available for instant information exchange.

In addition to essays from attorneys for attorneys and other information for people who deal with German and European law on an everyday basis, specific information and materials for law studies and internships are of crucial emphasis. Of course, we also offer up-to-date information about Internet and Commercial law in the context of international developments. In this project, we will report, among other things, on congresses, meetings and other events that could be of interest to our target groups. Reviews of multimedia products and books are placed regularly in the column "literature". This column will be augmented by interviews with authors. At the beginning of every month, the "Book of the Month" will be highlighted that deals with studies, internship, law practice and scientific research.

Our internationally oriented project includes the perspectives of other judicial systems in foreign countries as well as, under all aspects, the latest international and European law developments. With our Web Site, advertising partners will reach broadly varied target groups that have, in common, an interest in law issues.

An extensive link portal offers access to world-wide information. During regular intervals we will also offer contests, where book and multimedia prizes will be distributed to winners. For further information please contact our editors and/or our marketing department, who will be happy to assist you with any questions.
"Fachanwaltskommentar Arbeitsrecht" von Gregor Dornbusch / Ernst Fischermeier / Manfred Löwisch
Kaiser Skripten

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